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Friday, February 21, 2014

keep them coming!

We now have over EIGHTY charities on our books. Many collect stamps and send to us directly, others get their doners to send direct to us, others do both!

The big news is that from 1 February 2014 we have DOUBLED the price we pay for GB stamps on paper, from £5 to £10 per kilogram.

We are also now buying coins, banknotes and postcards. We pay £5 per kilo for these (and it doesn't take many coins to make up a kilo!)

As always to sign up please send an email to and I will allocate you a code that you can use when you send material in or when you ask your donors to - this ensures everything received is properly allocated.

Remember, you don't have to be a charity. Small groups, schools, scouts, guides, sports clubs, heritage railways etc are all welcome to sign up!

This is a very easy way to create a steady cash flow with very little work and once set up it runs itself. Our biggest donors raise over £20,000 a year from this source!


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